The PlayGround

I feel confused about life and really knowing what my ‘true calling’ is.
This is triggered by the events of the day of course but broadly speaking, it’s fair to say I feel this way.

There are two kinds of dreams. The ones we can follow if we do all the right things and make all the right moves in the path that we’re in.

And then there are those that require us to find ourselves again. The ones that require us to leave behind all that we know and have allowed ourselves to become. The ones that require us to build a new path.

The latter, almost always, gets buried. The first almost always, wins.

We convince ourselves, that what we’ve chosen is for a reason. And that that, is life’s plan for us.

Grow up. Go to school. Choose a field. Your college. Your specialty. Find a job. The fuel to keep life going.  But what happens when you burn all the fuel out and you can’t call for a refill?

How do kids have such uncensored ambitions? Ask a child what he or she wants and you’ll see them delving into the depths of their imagination and pulling out the most vivid professions. Why? Because no one has taught them constraints. Yet.
The world is your playground. Or so they say. But how do you play when you’re not allowed to fall? You choose to be a spectator because it’s safer. Because it guarantees you watching the game from a safe distance.

As you watch the games, you pat yourself on the back for choosing the less scary way.
Until the game ends. Because then you realize that only if you play, do you even allow yourself the chance to take the trophy home!


    1. I am so glad it stirred something in you. That’s the world we live in, isnt it? Where ambitions are censored.

  1. reality is what is that doesn’t change when you stop believing in it. Hence dreams fade out if you’re firmly tethered to reality.

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